Our mission is to help you manage your club and connect with other Lao Golfers using the same handicap system.

By using the automated reservsation system, all you do is setup a tee time, click a button to email all the players in your club, then they click on a link to reserve a spot. No more needing to call/text everyone to ask if they want to play. After play is done, login into the site and enter the scores for handicap tracking or to see who won the weekly outing. Visit one of our member sites to see.

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San Diego, California

Nashville, Tennessee

Santa Ana, California

Orange County, California

Fort Wayne, Indianna

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Membership and website is FREE. If you have any questions about joining the Lao Golf Association of North America please contact:

Kag Khetsavanh
email: laovision@yahoo.com
phone: (615) 807-0466