Weekly Outing

2020-03-01 (Sunday)
Course and Time TBD
Kick start our golf and bbq meet up! Ironman will host the 1st bbq. Everyone pitch in $10-15 for bbq and drinks. Only 12 spots for golf.

9 Players have signed up
Banana Man
Ironman II
Captain Hook No Mas

Welcome to the San Diego Exclusive BBQ Group. You are in this exclusive group either by invite or grandfathered into this Golf and BBQ group. No Attitude, No Whining, Fun Golf and Responsible Drinking while we golf Mentalities! There will be Zero tolerance for repeated Whiners. Anyone of the members caught whining about the system owes the group a bottle of XO or Blue Label. This group is created specifically for golf enthusiasts, close friends and families members that like to compete in their own crazy fun games of golf and wine down at the end of the round to talk and laugh over some BBQ and drinks. Your hcp will be systematically calculated by this link for you to use to your advantage or disadvantage. See club hcp rules on this site. It is important that you completely understand this group hcp rules to avoid buying XO or Blue Label for the group. GHIN and Diablo index are accepted if you’re new to the group but your hcp will be established here after that. Fun side bets are highly encouraged and you are on your own negotiating your side bet. You can use this site hcp for reference only. It is not your official hcp by any means and it may not be accepted by other clubs or affiliations. There are no major prizes $$$ to hand out for the winners on any outing. Fun and great memories is all you going to get! Nothing here is engraved in stone so the group can come up with more crazy fun ideas. This group will do our best to encourage each other to promote fun fair games of golf while enjoying each others company. Everyone is welcome to host the BBQ or suggest a restaurant where we can meet. Looking forward to see you all out there when we get together.

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