Welcome to Lao Golf Association of San Diego

If you are living in San Diego or planning to visit and would like to join us for a round of golf, please do not hesitate to contact us. Become a member today and compete for the annual Sticky Rice Cup Championship.

The Sticky Rice Cup Championship Tournament has begun.

  • To make the season more interesting, the points will be doubled on the last tournament.
  • You must play at least 10 rounds to qualify for the Sticky Rice Cup.
  • You must play by the Rules: Please read the latest Rules and Regulations under Handicap and Club Rules link at the top.


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Register for Golf Tournament hosted by us as well as by Lao Golf Assoiciation of North America members throughout the year. Please visit the website to see who is hosting and when.

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2017 Sticky Rice Cup Leaderboard as of 2017-11-12

Longest Drive Par 3 King Cup Leader
[1]Cambodian Prince3
[2]Doctor Serng3
[4]C'Mon Man2
[7]Ironman II1
[9]The Good1
[10]The Hunter1
[11]World Domination1
[3]Cambodian Prince5
[4]The Closer5
[5]C'Mon Man4
[6]Doctor Serng4
[11]Tiger Hood3
[14]Ironman II2
[19]The Good1
[20]The Terminator1
[1]Doctor Serng722.0
[2]C'Mon Man679.0
[4]The Closer645.0
[7]Cambodian Prince500.0
[10]Ironman II456.5
[12]Tiger Hood398.0
[13]World Domination388.5
[15]The Terminator364.0
[19]Mr. J220.0
[20]The Good206.0
[22]Captain Hook120.0
[24]The Hunter82.0
[27]Sam 48.0
[30]The Greens Whisperer24.0

Latest Result

Barona Creek Golf Club
# Player HCP Score Net
1Click to see profileJimbone(20.1)8261.9
2Click to see profileThe Closer(16.1)7962.9
3Click to see profileC'Mon Man(20.7)8564.3
4Click to see profileBillabong(23.8)9167.2
5Click to see profileDoctor Serng(15.6)8468.4
6Click to see profileThe Terminator(15.3)8872.7
7Click to see profileWorld Domination(17.9)9274.1
8Click to see profileG-DUB(4.7)7974.3
9Click to see profileIronman II(7.0)8275.0
10Click to see profileHuminator(16.5)9376.5